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Boier tube,Alloy steel pipe,ASTM A106 steel pipe
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  • Boier tube,Alloy steel pipe,ASTM A106 steel pipe
  • Boier tube,Alloy steel pipe,ASTM A106 steel pipe
  • Boier tube,Alloy steel pipe,ASTM A106 steel pipe
  • Boier tube,Alloy steel pipe,ASTM A106 steel pipe
  • Boier tube,Alloy steel pipe,ASTM A106 steel pipe
  • Boier tube,Alloy steel pipe,ASTM A106 steel pipe

EFW Steel Pipe

Category : Welded steel pipe

Product:EFW Steel Pipe

Application:Used for Oil Gas/Water transmission,Machinery Manufacturing

size:OD: 21.3-660mm,WT: 1.0-20mm,LENGTH:5.8/6/11.8/12m

Pipe standard: API 5L PSL1/PSL2

Gr.A,Gr.B,X42,X46,X52,X56,X60,X65,X70ASTM A53/A252/A500IA178/A135

EN10210/EN10219/EN10217/EN10208/EN10297JIS G3441/G3444/G3445/G3452/G3454/G3456BS1387/AS1163

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Electric Fusion Welding (EFW steel pipe) refers to an electron beam welding, the use of high-speed movement of the electron beam directed impact kinetic energy is converted to heat the work piece so that the work piece leaving the melt, the formation of the weld. lt is mainly used for welding dissimilar steel welding sheet or which high power density, metal weldment can rapidly heated to high temperatures, which can melt any refractory metals and alloys. Deep penetration welding fast, heat-affected zone is extremely small so small performance impact on the joints, the joint almost no distortion. Bu tit has a requirement on a special welding room because welding using X-rays.

Electric Fusion Welded Pipes specification :

Specifications : ASTM A-358,A-409,A-778,A-928,ASTM A671/A672,ASTM A691Size : 4" OD to 24" OD

wall Thickness : 2.5mm - 20mm

schedules : 20,30,40, Standard (STD),60,Extra Heavy (XS),80,100,120,140,160,XXS

Type : EFW

Form : Round Pipes/Tubes, Square Pipes/Tubes, Rectangular Pipe/Tubes, Colled Tubes, "UU" Shape, Pan Cake Coils, Hydraulic

Tubes Length : Single Random,Double Random & Required Length

End : Plain End, Beveled End, Treaded

EFW Pipes Material & Grades :stainless Steel EFw Pipes :

ASTMA-358,A-409,A-778,A-928 201,202,304,304H,304L,309,310,316,316L,321, etc.Carbon Steel EFW Pipes :

ASTMA671/A671M -13,ASTMA672,ASTMA671 CC60, CC70,ASTMA671 CB60,CB65,CB70,CC60,CC65,CC70Alloy Steel EFW Pipes :

ASTMA691,ASME SA691,CM 65, CM70,CM 75,CMSH 70,CMSH 75,STMA691 Grade 1CR Grade-12,1.1/4CR Grade 11,2.1/4CR Grade 22,3CR Grade 21,5CR Grade 5, 9CR Grade 9, Grade 91.

Stainless Steel EFW Pipes : ASTMA312,A790TP-304/LLNHN,TP-316L/LN/H/NTi.TP-317L,TP-317LM,TP-321/H,TP-347/H.
ASTMA213/A269/A270/A632TP series - 201,202,304,304H,304L,304N,304LN.309,310,310S,316,316H,316L,316LN.316T,317,317L,321,321H,347,347H,348,348H,904L, XM10,XM11,XM15,XM19,XM29.
Carbon Steel EFW Pipes : ASTMA53,ASTMA106 Gr.A,B& CAPI5L Gr.AB,X42,X52 X60,ASTMA53 Gr.AB,ASTMA333 GR.1/6ASTMA179,ASTMA192,ASTMA179,DIN 17175/2391BS 3059/ Gr 1 &Gr 2,ASTMA334 GR.1/8/6
Alloy Steel EFW Pipes : ASTMA530/A530MASTMA335 GR.P-1,ASTMA335GR.P-5,ASTMA335 GRP-9,ASTMA335 GRP-11,ASTMA335 GR.P-22,ASTMA335 GR.P-91.ASTMA213T1,T2,T5,T9,T11,T12,T22,T91 DIN 17175 CR.-MO Pipes
Duplex & Super Duplex SteelEFW Pipes : ASTMA240/ASME SA240 UNS NO S31803,S32205.Werkstoff No.1.4462
Nickel Alloy EFW Pipes : ASTM B163,B161,B725,B730/ASME B163,B161,B725,B730 UNS 2200(Nickel 200),UNS 2201(Nickel 201),UNS 4400 (Monel 400),
UNS 8020 (Alloy 20 /20 CB 3,UNS 8825 Inconel (825),UNS 6600(Inconel 600),UNS 6601 ( Inconel 601),UNS 6625(Inconel 625),UNS 10276 (Hastelloy C 276)

Steel making in Converter → Refine → Continuous Casting → Hot Rolling → Uncoiling → Accumulator → Cross Welding → Strip End Shear → Strip Leveling → Edge Milling →Strip UT → Forming → Electric Resistance Welding → Sizing →  Air Cooling+ Water Cooling → Online Weld Seam Heat Treatment →  Online Weld SEAM UT → Bevelling → Hydrostatic Testing → Weld Seam UT → Pipe UT →  Appearance and Dimension Check → Coating →  Marking →  Length-measuring and weighing → Packing → Transportation

● Plastic caps plugged at the two sides of pipe ends

● Should be avoided by the steel strapping and transport damage

● Bundled signs should be uniform and consistent

● The same bundle(batch) of steel pipe should be came from the same furnace.

● The steel pipe has the same furnace number, the same steel grade, the same specifications.

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